This is my last blog post as an Intel employee (see Doctor Fortran in “Thirty-Eight”) but I intend to keep active in the Fortran (and Intel Developer Zone) community. First, though, I’ll take a short break.

Before I go, a brief update on the status of the next Fortran standard, Fortran 2015. All of the technical work is done and the committee is reviewing the draft, looking for errors and inconsistencies. Proposals for new features are not being accepted! A new draft of the standard, document 17-007, is available from the PL22.3 (J3) web site here ( PDF).I remain on the committee as an alternate to Kernelyze, a company that recently joined – I am very grateful to Tom Knox of Kernelyze for offering this. I won’t be attending meetings on any kind of a regular basis, but might show up from time to time. Since both Intel primary member Stan Whitlock and I are retiring, two other Intel engineers are joining Lorri Menard as Intel’s contingent. Jon Steidel, who has a long history with Fortran and was on the committee many years ago, is the new Intel primary representative. I’ve only known Jon a short time, but he has impressed me greatly and will continue representing Intel and the Fortran community well.

See you on the other side!

(Originally posted at Intel Developer Zone, copied with permission)

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