Steve and Leslie's 2010 Baltic Sea Vacation

Day 5, August 8, Båstad, Sweden

This afternoon we anchored off of Båstad, Sweden, home of the Swedish Open tennis tournament and a popular vacation spot for Swedes. The port was too small to acommodate even the Spirit of Oceanus so we used the inflatable "Zodiac" boats to transfer to shore.


Our group was led by Lars, a local architect, who showed us different building styles and brought us into a local church where he and Ron explained the symbology which combined Christian and traditional Norse religions.

Houses in Båstad

We also visited Norrviken Gardens, with its wide variety of garden styles. Sadly, we learned that, due to lack of funding, it may be closed soon and sold off for house lots.

Norrviken Gardens

Norrviken Gardens

Norrviken Gardens

Norrviken Gardens

Lastly we visited a textile workshop where we were shown beautiful tapestres designed by Märta Måås-Fjetterström, and made only in Båstad. By this time, the skies had opened up and it was pouring rain. The workshop was not a planned stop, but they kindly let us come in (and try not to drip on the tapestries.) The work was beautiful and intricate. All of us were wowed by the green glass carpet on display upstairs.

Textile Museum in Båstad

The trip back to the ship was exciting and wet, as it was raining quite hard and the seas were getting rough. The waves were quite high and often splashed hard into the inflatable boats. For a time I wondered if we might capsize due to being tossed around, and everyone got thoroughly soaked. Unfortunately, some people's cameras did not survive the experience. Everyone was in good spirits, though, and dry towels awaited us back at the ship.

That evening, we were formally introduced to the Captain and his crew at the Captain's reception, where we also met the Captain's wife, daughter and granddaughter.



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